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Planting Schemes

If you’re looking to landscape your garden Keith Archers Tree Care Specialists can help with ideas for planting trees. There are many aspect you need to be aware of such as how big the tree will become, what affect it will have on your natural light and the impact on other plants in your garden.

Planting a new tree is not always a difficult job, but one you need to get right if you want your new tree to flourish. The most important considerations are soil condition, root health, weather and aftercare. If you’re looking to undertake the planting yourself here are some tips:

Site preparation

Trees will not reach their potential where the soil contains too little air or where soil moisture is either excessive or insufficient. You need to prepare the soil before planting to improve the conditions by:

If the area is prone to waterlogging you’ll need to consider installing drainage, or alternatively plant on an elevated mound. Excessive moisture can damage the roots, which become blackened and susceptible to disease

When you’ve prepared the area be careful not to plant too deep, which is a common cause of tree death. Look to plant at the same depth that the tree was growing in the nursery.

You may also want to consider giving newly planted trees protection from mice and rabbits.

If you’d prefer us to carry out tree planting for you, then you’ve come to the right place. We carry out work to a high standard with a wealth of knowledge and experience that other Arboricultural Contractors call upon with work they are unable to carry out.