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Firewood Sales

Heat your home for less this winter

Hardwoods such as Oak, Ash and Beech are denser than softwood, hence in comparison you will require less volume. Seasoned logs from Keith Archers Tree Care Specialists are the high energy hardwood variety which we believe makes better firewood.

Burning seasoned logs in an open fire is a very economical way to heat your home, especially at our prices!

Log quality

Moisture content of wood for burning should be below 25%. Burning dry wood is environmentally friendly and logs purchased from Keith Archers Tree Care Specialists have a low moisture content and as such are a fully sustainable carbon neutral fuel.

Wet wood, or wood with a higher moisture content will not burn cleanly or efficiently and causes smoke and pollution, whilst reducing the heat available from the wood enormously.

You can buy top quality dry wood online from Keith Archer that will create a responsive fire with a visually appealing flame

Low Cost Top Quality Logs Delivered Free To Your Door - View Delivery Area

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fire wood

Onion Bags

Only £5 (+5% VAT)

(Min order 10 bags)


One Tonne Bag

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